Honey for neuromorphic computing chips

Hello 2BEEs, 

Today we want to talk about a super interesting topic. Let’s talk about the relationship between honey, the brain and neuromorphic systems in computing. Several researchers at the University of Washington have shown that honey can be used to make a transistor-like component that can not only process but also store data. 

The rich honey produced by our dear friends also serves for the evolution of neuromorphic computing. Each neuron can process and store data, making the brain much more efficient than a traditional computer, and developers of neuromorphic computer systems aim to mimic that structure.

Researchers see in honey a tremendous potential for its biodegradable composition, for its low humidity in which bacteria cannot survive.

“This is a very small device with a simple structure, but it has functionalities very similar to those of a human neuron,” said Feng Zhao, an associate professor in WSU’s School of Engineering and Computer Science and corresponding author of the study. 

 “This means that if we can integrate millions or billions of these honey memristors together, then they can become a neuromorphic system that works much like a human brain.”

If you want more information you can read this article where Sara Zaske explains this interesting finding.

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