No Mow May

Hello 2BEEs, today we want to share with all of you a great initiative to help our pollinating friends. 

This is “No Mow May”, a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of spring flowers for bees. The idea is to let the grass grow so that dandelions, purple nettle and other spring flowers that are essential for feeding bees at this time of year can grow.

According to Elaine Evans, an extension educator at the University of Minnesota:

“In May, many bees are coming out of hibernation and need flowers to feed themselves and their babies. The main goal of No Mow May is to encourage people to let spring flowers bloom in their gardens before mowing the lawn.”

This campaign tries to explain to people that what they call weeds is actually a great food for pollinating insects. Letting the grass grow and having a “slightly wilder” garden can help there be more sustainable pollination. This campaign, which began in England, has crossed borders and has now spread to the United States.

In this article by Molly Guthrey you can get more information and you can also download the official sign of No Mow May to place it in your garden, so everyone will know that you have joined the campaign and you will help convey the message.

From 2BEE we want to spread this campaign so that all people who have a garden can join this sustainable initiative. 

Save the bees and change the world. 🐝🐝🌍

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