World Bee Day

Hi 2BEEs, did you know that today, May 20, is World Bee Day? In 2017, the United Nations General Assembly recognized May 20 as World Bee Day. The date was chosen because it was the birthday of beekeeping pioneer Anton Jansa. Anton was a modern beekeeper for his time, born in the early 1700s, and... Continue Reading →

No Mow May

Hello 2BEEs, today we want to share with all of you a great initiative to help our pollinating friends.  This is "No Mow May", a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of spring flowers for bees. The idea is to let the grass grow so that dandelions, purple nettle and other spring flowers that... Continue Reading →

Honey for neuromorphic computing chips

Hello 2BEEs,  Today we want to talk about a super interesting topic. Let's talk about the relationship between honey, the brain and neuromorphic systems in computing. Several researchers at the University of Washington have shown that honey can be used to make a transistor-like component that can not only process but also store data.  The... Continue Reading →

Death for American bees

Hello friends, today we want to share a sad news for our American pollinator friends. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will allow the use of four of the most devastating chemicals for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects... 🐝☠️🦋🇺🇸😥  It is incredible that these products banned in the European Union will be able to be... Continue Reading →


Hello 2Bees! Today we are going to recommend reading the book Grey Bees by author Andrey Kurkov. Andrey is one of Ukraine's foremost novelists. In this wonderful book the writer dramatizes the conflict that has plagued his country for years through the adventures of a well-mannered beekeeper.  Sergey Sergeich, protagonist, just wants his bees to... Continue Reading →


Hi 2Bees, Today we want to share an excellent article by the author Ann Chilcott in which she analyzes the communication between bees. If you do not know the behavior of these incredible creatures, we invite you to read the publication carefully. It's amazing how they communicate through dances and different signs. In the article,... Continue Reading →


The 2BEE community is very pleased about this great news for Rhode Island's local pollinators 👏🐝🐝 The General Assembly has launched a bill in which it will restrict the use of pesticides, specifically the use of neonicotinoids, a lethal product for our friends that causes paralysis in all kinds of birds and insects ☠️🐝☠️ This... Continue Reading →

2Bee.World Project

JOIN THE CRYPTO CHARITY REVOLUTION WHAT IS 2BEE 2BEE is a progressive deflationary token with a charity use case focused on saving bees from the extinction through the regeneration of its ecosystems around the world. To be able of achieving this goal the 20% of the circulating supply will be donated progressively to different NGOs... Continue Reading →

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